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To An Unknown Friend

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To An Unknown Friend

Stay a while, my friend and stranger
The day is still meandering, and there’s still time
Those drinks you had, how are they faring
Does the mind tell you where I am now, near or far
The disheveled hair on your head, is it painted
Or are you yet young at heart to outgrow the Time
The way you walk, never steady and in control,
Does that affect you in what you see
How does the world look, flat or round
Does it look twisted or covered in glamour
When do you sleep my friend, or do you not
Is there a sleep that helps you dream

The world is passing us, the children laughing
Horns honking, footwear grazing the side walks
There isn’t a thing still, all are moving

While we sit here, on this lonely bench
By the side of this antediluvian road
There are flowers blooming, lots emptying
Pans frying, fans whirling and some even hooting
Things are ever frantic, let us be not like that
Let us sit here, till the close of day
Why are you drooping, hold your head steady
We aren’t done talking, my man, you and I
That stain on your shirt, does that sting friend
Did the potion spill into your soul
Is that why you are looking at me fearfully
Don’t be frightened, I am not your darkness
I can be the light you were seeking in your nights

This drizzle, it isn’t from heaven, it’s the tears
That you and I shed together, may be not here
Nor anywhere, but still we shed them together
For we aren’t divided, we, you and I, are ever together
That sagging chest holds a thousand terrors
The drinks can’t still them, they garrote the drink
Don’t get up, you can’t yet walk, I am here my man
Though I don’t even lift a hand to make you steady
I am here still, with you all the way

Stop looking at those happy faces, embraces, and kisses
They aren’t real friend; they are off a passing show
You had partaken in that show once, as I had
They are bland, at least to us sitting here
You are now muttering assent, I see your lips move
Don’t wipe those dribbles off; they are droplets of your pain
You aren’t wagging your head to the music now
Are you, the music stall across is what this is all about
Noise, more noise, there isn’t a lapse to the noise
It blares day and night, winter and summer, burial and birth

She could be your girl, the one approaching
I see I was right, she isn’t happy with me
And is abusive towards you, you are doing great, old girl
He is drowning in your love; we were having a nice talk
About just that and he was doing good
Now you cart him away, with bitter looks at me

Fare thee well my friend, you can’t drink
This sorrow away, for it has claws of steel.


In Conversations with Two Friends

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In Conversations with Two Friends


1)   The empathetic Friend


“It bewilders me why

For one who so dislikes the deep

I find myself looking into the jaws of

Tiger sharks with incisors

Sharp as surgical knives…….


(Never favored the deep in life

And hate to go scuba diving

There are enough seas within

To dive into, as a kill time)


It transpires that

I got somehow absorbed into the mind

Of a little seal

That was about to be devoured

In the cold of the violent arctic seas


I stepped back into myself

And cheated my certain doom


Yet I doubt whether this is going to last.


There are as many beings

As there are projected miseries

Who knows, what gets me into what next”


2)  The hospitalized Friend


“When you get ill

Or break a bone

Nothing happens to the world.

It’s is almost indecent.



Didn’t you suffer with the world?

In all the other cases?

You got drenched together in the rain,

And got boiled to the bone in the heat,

Had a runny nose with others, had measles and dandruff,

And red eye and   chicken pox with the rest

(At least there were a few that went

 Down with you in such cases)

You fought the tornadoes and tsunamis together

Got killed and did murder as a unit in wars

Jumped off buildings together to cheat earth quakes

Watched the ball games, went to the movies

Dined, wined, joked and danced

Voted, revolted, putted, drove,

And what not, you did it all together.


But when you fall ill or have a sprain

Not even your shadow keeps with you

(The laid up state doesn’t care for shadows)


That steals the thrill of life out of you

Making you just an onlooker in the grand charade of life.”


The Case of Coherence

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The Case of Coherence



The myriad things strewn

Over my path

I pick up a few twigs


Nothing’s special about them

They were Just  twigs

Broken and bent

Faded to the marrow

The jagged ends

Still seemingly  raw and

Reeking of strain……


I didn’t know, off what trees,

They were

And why they were there


The next heavy foot fall may

Possibly  trample them to dust


I lay them down on the path.

(Not in any place particular

Merely at some place)


They were just twigs


About to change


The Night of Music

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The Night of Music


Keys-sharp strum a threnody dark

Smash the pale of content mine

Brash lights swell the girdled node

Of core human, whispering alien chants

Glass prisms sliver, nailing gods to

Deadened and wooden conjoined bonds

Conjures fail, dances break, metallic

Wails shiver through the niche of night

A desert spreads its ugly maw, gulping

Galactic residue the like of stars

Feel’s congeal, leprous turn, the hroom

Trebles, ominous to rupture drums

Figures writhe with chasms within

The night revolts, shredding ataraxis

The Mirages We Investigate in Life

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While a little kid,

 In the hard blaze  of a summer noon,

I had crossed this river bed

On my bare feet,

All alone.


I came on it, then,

From the opposite end-

Where there is water yet.


An ancient boatman

Had deposited me safely

On this side  and left.

After all, there was only a thin stripe

Of water to cross.

And if  I were a bit tall

I could have waded across.


I was not worried about the rest of the river

Though it appeared like a vast and gleaming desert.

And there were mirages around too

Very cool and inviting

 I was confident.

It was solid ground wasn’t it?


Though very young, I had sturdy legs

And a fighting temper.


I began walking towards this end-

Through the shimmering expanse of sand.

My  foot sank in the squishy carpet,

That glittered with minute mica chips.

The sand had only felt slightly  warm then……

Then things changed.


 I had walked only for a bit,

A couple of furlongs, maybe, I don’t know,

When the sands turned violent on me.

It  metamorphosed  into

 a sizzling  plate of hellish fire in a moment.

It fried my soul through the thin sandals

I wore.

I couldn’t move

Walk , faint

Or go back

I was trapped.


No one had taught me how to

Navigate the  burning sands of  a river bed-

In the middle of a hellish  summer noon.

No one was even within earshot

To howl  a call of distress across.

I was all alone


The sights swam before me


I stripped to my shorts and tried

Stepping on my cloths to cool my heels

But the sands became  angrier then,

Getting through the thin veil of the flimsy garments –

And scorching every part they touched


In the next few (seemingly) millennia

I would run a bit and jump on my cloths

I would run a bit, jump on my cloths

I would run…………..

It was the longest span of terror

I ever endured.


While  lying on fading grass

After I got across

With blisters and burn marks over my body,

A well meaning old guy said:

“Child, you should have dug yourself in,

There’s cooler sand beneath the surface”


Is there? I doubt it to this very moment.

Mind Remains

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Mind Remains


Nay, love never lasts, nor hate remains

Both never get satiated till they kill themselves

What’s entwined lasts not forever

For ties dream of a prompt rupture.

Tides lull, winds die, children grow up

 And everything changes to what it wasn’t,

Only the mind remains.


The mind remains


Nay, sights never stay nor the nights keep by

Tho’ the two bind us like the spider its prey

What’s bound, needs to wilt and not last

For captivity is a state that itself preclude

Walls fall, systems crash, the pyramids

Release their mummified former knights

Things transform into what it once daren’t.

Yet the mind remains


The mind remains


Nay, peace can never hope, nor war triumph

Both are kept busy by making each other null

What’s frenetic ceases, to form again from the lull

For  action from inaction can only arise

Floods invade, mounts erupt,  the varied subside

Into the undifferentiated to construct divisions

And nothing is allowed to persist as they are.

Still the mind remains


The mind remains


 Mind is not a substance that’s placed within us

Its pervasive, the blueprint of all that we behold

Mind is information, contained in the granular

As well as the cosmic, interconnected and whole.


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Where the road ends

There I start my journey

 I intend to begin where

Others have failed


I had toiled for days to get here

But I am disappointed

The woods are sparse, dried and stunted

Not something I had expected

They hold no secrets

That I do not know.

I had thought of something dense

Inaccessible, and intriguing

When I thought of the forest

But there wasn’t a tree, bush

Vine, sapling, and underbrush I didn’t know

I had seen all the crags, canyons

Marshes, un-flowing streams,

Dip’s, rises and dark places even before.


These woods had sprung, flailed, and spread

Like all those that I had seen in life

They had shed, torn up, broken themselves

In the manner I knew well

There were signs of past visits by

Axe-murderers; and were traces of beings

Who were abused by brutes

And were beyond recognition a sense…..


I know all this

The dripping sap, the severed limbs,

the stench of decay, the garbage of time

I had fled from these

Never to return

Never to dream, cry, hope, and be proud

Never to hurt, go to war, rile and gasp

Never ever to grasp at withering echoes



I fail again, there’s no place else to go,

But within, and

That I fear!