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The path is ever short

The struggles magnificent


May be I am the only one listening



Written by Sam

July 29, 2012 at 7:24 pm

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I saw, by chance, a
Smile on a sad face; why seek
Peace in futile words


The rudder seems new,
The Boat, about to take off,
What ails the slow breeze


The skies remain veiled
After a day of dogged rain.
Mirrors seem to cloud

On A Split Hydra

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On A Split Hydra

                                                                                                  (Poems on nature)

She split into two
No one knows how
There’s some who say that
It was a hacked and bisected thing
Just a chance happening-
In a moment of pain


It doesn’t matter
How it came about
Where there was one
Now there’s two
And the one clasps the other like
It has iron claws
Everyone who looks at the two
Would learn it at a glance
There is no help for them
They are fated to part


Yet once split, it started pining for
The split part
It grieves and cries over it
Over and over
It has turned maudlin
Those who watch, feel the rent of the heart
The tearing of the eyes
The snot blocking the larynx
The juice in the troubled voice
(Even if it’s a hydra and we
Are being anthropomorphic)


Yet It’s a sad thing
Who’s there to console the poor being


However hard it tries to hold on
It had splintered apart
The more it
Stays separate
The harder it’s going to get
The older part would age and shrivel
And the sprung part would grow
And move off
It’s how the world goes on
You can’t hang on


Those that became severed
Can’t stay united
Yet we are all such fools
We think we can find some way
To repair the incompleteness
That we see in ourselves


It’s a fact of life that
All repairs need be in the heart
Letting go of something
Is an art
Its learned through pain and
The inevitability of loss
So let us say to the fading one:


Don’t cry, you darling thing
Learn to live with the hurt
Learn to let go, learn to
Receive the pain. You aren’t alone
We are all with you.
We are around you, and we know
How you feel. We are there for you
Aren’t we all one after all?

Wish For The Day and ……….

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Wish For The Day 


Let the Nights play their game

So the  Days may arrive

Let the Darkness so deepen

That Light results


On Post Modern Dialectics


Everything else moves

I do not



In Conversations With ……….



(1)The Cat


“Of the four I birthed

I ate one

Am a  fitness fanatic”



(2)And  Iago


“I set  out to check-

Hearts, if existing-

Turned  mortician.” 

Written by Sam

May 19, 2012 at 4:21 pm

Not to Be Bad

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Not to Be Bad


Has to be that-

The call of the wild

The struggle of breaking loose


It’s irrepressible,


It’s the prime animal-

Giving vent.


Gnashing its teeth

Growling from heart

Marking its walk


It’s Territorial



Lift the gates

Let it  out

Its eyes

Is the prairies


Spoils of its hunt

Can’t be shared

Entry into Pride

Is forbid



Wonder not

Pity not

Yet agree not


What’s inside……………………………………………

Shall out

Civil ways

It  dislike



Has to be that

(Not to be bad)


Has to be that

(Not to be bad)

Truant Thoughts

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Truant Thoughts


With a stern visage,

Stalks me round the clock…..

And messages of the past

Melt away,

Like scribbles made in chalk.


With the onset of eventide

My mind,

Takes on a pang of gloom…….

And affairs that were lucid

Even now,

Suddenly lose their Bloom


Hopes once given up as lost

Again make me their sad host.

And predilections

That I had given up

Spring up to play some glasnost



(The truant thoughts, which

Made me place these side by side,

Has made me see the truth,

That they are not fit to guide)

The old way to talk about an imaginary fall

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The old way to talk about an imaginary fall

I fell down just now; what wonder

It was bound to happen!


What was upright and moving-

Lay dormant in a moment, upended…….

The stairs had tried to stall my fall

But  in vain, the inertia was gone,

And I had reached critical mass.

I hadn’t rested for a bit so it was unsurprising

That I would sway and slip.

It was an easy fall, (I shouldn’t feel traction)

It was bound to happen.


Been tottering on the verge of despair

For days, (ha what fun!)

Been thinking and rethinking

About the road to be taken

(Is there one?)


I fell and,

Having little mass,  nothing was broke.

Yes, It was bound to happen.

 Yes I fell,

Yet I didn’t choose it- for who willingly

 Chooses their falls other than the mad …..

On my way down, me and the stairs,

We had few loud things to say to each other.

Yet in the end we did acknowledge one another.

And parted friends.

It was bound to happen

The stairs were there so I could climb and

They were there to climb down too

My head was in the air, I had strutted about

So there had to be a fall.


True it is,

Nothing stays put, everything disperses.

It’s bound to happen!