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On the aesthetics of disappearance

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On the aesthetics of disappearance


Just the other day, as I was ‘a thinking’
The God knocked at the door, and
Soon as I could open it
Began barking “what the hell took
You so long to come to the damn door”

I murmured, “I was a thinking and
As you know, it’s difficult to get
Out of a think that easily.”

God says hmm, and pshaw

I feel defensive: I never liked Bernard Shaw

“It takes some damn heavy going
Even to think in the first place”

I complain:

The guy could barely prevent
Himself from cracking up and dying of it

“Oh, God, oh God, “He gasps
“You think, really? That’s gross
That’s unbelievable
That’s notacceptable

Only the infinitesimally good does it in general
(Why else is there global warming?)

Nobody else ever, and I mean EVER thinks,
It has been banned by the censorial (sensorial?)
Council for the something challenged”

I grumble, still defensive:

Give us some names of the infin….. Whatever good
You kindly just mentioned

God breaks out in a thunderous voice:

“Socrates, Diogenes, Heraclitus, Zeno
Spinoza, Hartman, Schopenhauer ‘mano ya na mano’*”

I bow in awe. The god knows Hindi! Man!
I have goose pimples running the stretch of my spine

He sings on

The rest emanate from the hoary east, Kanada, LaoTsu
Kapila, Confucius, and some who talk in the ancient Hindu

I stand astounded:

Et tu god, you too rhyme?
Don’t you know it’s a definite crime?

God, seized by some terrible and helpless spasm,
Muses out aloud:

We, alas, inventing the thing in the first place
Have since then been confined to the houter space


Feelings man, feelings

What about Nietzsche? I ask


Nietzsche, you know, the Zarathustra,
Up in the mountains, down in the plains
Preaching to the populace, carrying the dead
Does he qualify to be within the infin…. Whatever?


And as I stand aghast, the god does the
Impossible, he pulls a vanishing act.


*Believe it or not


Written by Sam

July 12, 2012 at 12:34 pm

Posted in Humor

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