On life and its vagaries


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That I just spoke with you, isn’t quite enough
To make me trust you my friend of an evening
The bus we rode to this junction, you’ll admit
Isn’t a fit environ where likings are formed
If you see me walk away without even a nod
At you at the nearing bus station
Don’t feel bad, for you also know,
That we live in a cruel world
And it isn’t one of our own making

Your face seemed wan, and a little over tired
I had even sensed a deeper weariness
That was behind, we know sorrow
When we see it, aren’t we all human in the end

You may be in dire need of food or shelter
But one thing seemed distinct, you needed
A friend to talk to, yes, who can miss the signs,
I could have helped you there, if you were not you
A stranger I met on a ride to my home town

You wouldn’t do anything drastic I hope
That would be bad on my conscience,
And there is the law sadly to worry about.

I remember cracking a few jokes with you
On our rough ride over the country roads
(How ludicrous the actions of our leaders seem
As one suffer their consequences in life)
And the pleasant and sad smile that
Seemed natural in you, a very moving smile,
I am a little envious of that smile I‘ll admit
And the words you spoke shone curiously with
The freshness of sincere feelings that
I myself sadly seemed to lack

Yet friend, penury is a vice I can’t seen be with
It would bring me down in my mind and
In the minds of others too, that is
A terrible sin in our small world of lucky souls
So forgive me for walking away, ignoring the strange
Urge to befriend you, at this time of your peril

I am only human
I have students waiting at home


Written by Sam

July 8, 2012 at 6:56 pm

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