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Sir, sir , sir

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Sir, sir , sir


You want air sir? Its pure sir

Bottled in the mountains and at low prices sir

And please hold this as a secret sir, its confidential,

We have a thousand acres

Of pristine forests concealed in the mountains!

And they produce the finest air in the world

You can’t tell anyone now sir, this is a special offer

There is this package, where you can stay at our place

And take off the mask and live like a human for a few days

But it’s very expensive and only the selected get the chance

Would you care to subscribe sir? Oh,  if not, no matter

You can still savor the freshness of the things in store

Just take a sniff of this and you will feel a thousand times better

Please do, it’s the purest air you would ever find on this globe

No need to keep that mask on, shut that meter down too

Just take a little sniff, how do you feel now sir

The government air sir, you can bet your life on it

Is only fifty percent sewer gas

It’s true! You can take my word for it.

Just think of it sir, forget whether it’s purified or not

Just think where it comes from.

From the sewers, the sewers, the bowels of humanity

The ration shops further adulterate it too

It’s full of animal air and bird’s air, you smile!

You don’t believe me (With low voice) It’s even reported

That they tap fishes, and catch the bubbles they emit

It’s a conspiracy sir, your kids and family breathe it don’t they

The old people too yes? They need purer air than us,

Healthy air, country and forest air, happy air sir

Now we  supply you the purest  you can ever imagine

At very low prices too, one gallon of fresh air for only a pint of blood sir

Things don’t come any cheaper than that do they

It’s so low priced  that it would make most people cry

And it’s almost one hundred percent pure too, when did you last sniff

Anything that good? Not in this life I dare say,

Oh, there are other options too, a kidney, or a piece of liver, are worth

A hundred  gallons of pristine liquefied air, it’s the holy truth sir

We are not out to make a profit you know

How can anybody think of making money out of such a venture

And we are  almost giving it for free now

Yet tell me, what is ‘that’ free in this world sir,

You pay for power  by the amps, water by ounces,

And is it even secret sir

That the intake of sunlight is going to be regulated?

A meters is there to  monitor the amount of light you absorb

And aren’t there already taxes on the use of sunlight too

I know it’s indirect, yet taxes are still taxes aren’t they

You are a man of the world sir, you know all this already

Nothing is cheap in the world

Bar the human without means, isn’t that the whole truth sir

Buy it when you can, or you wouldn’t  get the chance

To live like a creature of god, even if for a little while……




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  1. Lovely!! Air for sale…Is this where we’re heading?


    June 1, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    • Sorry that it took so long for me to replay. Nice of you to comment on my post. I don’t know really where the world is headed. But market seems to be ruling the roost now


      June 28, 2012 at 7:56 pm

  2. Wow. This was a tough gritty read. You are a very complex writer…which I like, but I feel like I just sat through a major brain twisting lesson, I was cheeerful and then it flattened me to the floor. We do pay for everything one way or another…great deep writing…again 🙂

    ~Lady Day

    June 1, 2012 at 8:06 pm

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