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The Fun Life We Are Having

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The Fun Life We Are Having


Fixtures aren’t that bad, those things stay put

And may even glare us down as we get near

Nothing to do but do the circumventing

And the ducking and weaving,

Digging and hauling, till you topple, or they topple

Fixtures are all in the brain, they loom

Like pyramids, containing the condensed

‘Wisdom’ of centuries, they are logical in structure

And do all their battles with obsolete dicta

When they fail to move us we move in to move them

Hence it’s nice battling with a fixture

It can’t move while we can, it can’t smile

But grow old and vanish…………


Yet strictures are definitely gooey and sticky things

They play obtuse, use swords and abuse

Speak in dialects unknown to the civil tongue

Get red in the eye, show aversion and gore

Issue edicts, talk of gods and sub gods

Quote from obscure texts- Hence all strictures are

In the mind, fed by a deep sense of insecurity

They harbor the memories of battles lost

Honor stripped, positions sabotaged, they deny logic

And delve into the abyss of the past to gain strength

When they hunt us, we can’t be blunt or pull a stunt

The battle isn’t with words, it’s with blood and spit

It isn’t nice to go to war with a stricture

It walks in shades, and works through our minds

Options against them are nonexistent

Other than to Issue a few of our own



2 Responses

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  1. well, we all have our own ways of writing these things out, this was a powerful way. I liked it very much, and it makes sense…my writing on these issues, less cerebral today, more broken hearted. Both, felt. Thanks for your amazing writing, again.:)

    ~Lady Day

    May 31, 2012 at 7:16 pm

  2. Very interesting dichotomy here! I like the internal rhyme and the real nuance. Very cool. k.


    May 31, 2012 at 7:45 pm

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