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Striped and Pitch

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Striped and pitch


Striped and pitch, a blood fork flick

Slither, wriggle, a conic pate-

The serpent small, through the slit of door……….


Glassing and dark, a vermillion mouth

Struggle, composure, a flowering hood

The vine with venom, hid deep, deep in house


 Dances and sway’s, a phosphorous glow

 The designed ledge……. trellised pane……

A chequered rug now covers the squamous paw


Muscled,  born sleek, the  hiss terror blue

Whispers, murmurs,  (can’t  harm it any)

Unwinds, climbing-  the ophidian seems  at ease


Pounces now, then  stoops off to drowse,

Kids bawl,  lament- Let  a tempest  loose

Foe at home, devised to maim, , bruise, even kill


It strikes, then retreats………….I prod so slow

It coils,  defends, blooms and shrink

Slide like doom, out our door……..and whence it rose 


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