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Some Ones Life, As Told To Me

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Some Ones Life,  As Told To Me

“We had been sitting

At the eatery for a while

By then


And  a lean, severely upset

hunger was sitting beside us

Harshly  grumbling


The  intermittent  rain could be heard outside

Shivering through the  leaves of nearby trees


And the waiter, leaving with our orders

Had seemed lost somewhere insides


He had a sadness I couldn’t place

( I don’t know why I remember this)


“people” I had thought “ people”

“Where do they go off

All the time”


I was sipping the tepid water

He had brought

And opposite me, my girl

( You don’t know her)

Sat  looking at her glass


 She was murmuring:


Ever feel like  life cooling off

In your heart?”


She could be a  poet, but I wasn’t


So I had laughed


“ Cooling off in my heart right now, baby

But having trouble with it in my tummy

There its turning belligerent”


Suddenly the hunger raises its voice

And clamors:


“Call the waiter

Now, now,  call him”


Over its commotion

My friend was continuing:


“We are getting old you know,

We both are getting old”


“ Not for everything sweet,

Not for everything”


I say, laughing.


It was Just then  we saw you

Walking in through the glass doors

And heading straight towards us.


I didn’t feel light anymore

My friend felt no more thoughtful

And the  hunger guy  had disappeared.


I say ****

She say****


And (there were) ducks under the table.”


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