On life and its vagaries

When Some One Talks To You In Your Sleep

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The watch I had (It was a gift)

Somehow got inside my dreams

And began asking  questions……


The  thing was lying on my

Bedside table when I were drifting off


The questions were

 Okay, though a bit intense


“Do you like me?”

“Am I new?”

“Would you feel bad if I am gone?”

“What model am I?”

 “What about my makers?”


Luckily  it didn’t seem like

A philosophical watch-

Bringing in Hawking and  Cosmology


“What do you want with me?”

I said irked

“I am not  in the mood to

Talk about myself “


“Just asking buddy,

Am I very valuable?”


I got exasperated at that point:


“What dumb kind of a watch are you

Not to know about your kind at all?”


“I got just out of jail, friend,

 Haven’t come across one of these before”


That got my attention, I had never

Heard of a watch going to jail….


And, as sure as hell, when I jumped out

Of bed the watch was gone. It was stolen.


I turned a few tantrums, blamed my wife

The building security, the police,

The government, the entire system, the universe

(It was that good a watch)

But the watch was gone. And that was that


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