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Mind Remains

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Mind Remains


Nay, love never lasts, nor hate remains

Both never get satiated till they kill themselves

What’s entwined lasts not forever

For ties dream of a prompt rupture.

Tides lull, winds die, children grow up

 And everything changes to what it wasn’t,

Only the mind remains.


The mind remains


Nay, sights never stay nor the nights keep by

Tho’ the two bind us like the spider its prey

What’s bound, needs to wilt and not last

For captivity is a state that itself preclude

Walls fall, systems crash, the pyramids

Release their mummified former knights

Things transform into what it once daren’t.

Yet the mind remains


The mind remains


Nay, peace can never hope, nor war triumph

Both are kept busy by making each other null

What’s frenetic ceases, to form again from the lull

For  action from inaction can only arise

Floods invade, mounts erupt,  the varied subside

Into the undifferentiated to construct divisions

And nothing is allowed to persist as they are.

Still the mind remains


The mind remains


 Mind is not a substance that’s placed within us

Its pervasive, the blueprint of all that we behold

Mind is information, contained in the granular

As well as the cosmic, interconnected and whole.


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