On life and its vagaries

The Trifles That Upset Me

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The Trifles That Upset Me

When a lonely bird laments to the night

I am beset by

Some insensitive and wanton gloom,

I can’t gather why!


While the sky stupidly clouds on an otherwise

Brilliant day

And the air become spattered with dark dots-

All of a sudden

Why do I feel strangely sad and down?


As my beloved

 Smiles at some hapless and

Long forgotten event-

Should I feel a pang at my very core? Hardly.

Then why do I yearn to posses the source of that pain

And make it my very own?


If I see a pierced leaf, ear

Nose and beast

Why do I strangely sense of being thus pierced.

And why do I pass through the same anguish

And the tumults of those alien minds?


Whenever an earth-worm is cut in half

It’s ludicrous to feel the cold and steel of that cut too

Then why do I blindly urge to fuse the two parts together

And make it whole again?



As the pond dries out in the heat of summer

And the fishes writhe for air in the mud

Should I share those spasms too?

Then what feels so tight in my heart

That I can barely breathe?


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