On life and its vagaries


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Nine out of ten

My days are damn fun!

Wanna learn to follow suit?

Here’re the words n’ comments to boot!



Wake not in the morn (no, no, not ever done!)

Sleep till the mid-noon (sweet, sweet, sweet repose!)

Laugh not in the open (What! You a bloody moron?)

Hoard mirth in an inner urn (Way to go, way to go)

Run from things that’s weak (for murder can be mighty fun)

Hide well in something sleek (Never to go naked, never to go naked)

Say no when it pleases you (be hard, be cool, be dead to everything good)

Nod yes, to things askew (way to sow doubts in all the rest!)

Do the double-speak, and this is for keeps

(Be deadly vague if you can’t, even if everything beeps)

Blame others for all your faults (For you have none, can’t have any)

And make sure to muck up their privet vaults (nothing’s fair in life, if yes, then you’re not)

Spend like god out of others wallet (You are the ‘tax’ divine, born to collect)

Walk like a star, but don’ ever bite the bullet-

(Run like hell then, if showing the back is what it takes.

Butts are all alike when in flight guys,

They are a biometric feature only to erotic eyes)

Boys, never ever marry, it’s scary (If you’re a lass, listen to this, the guys just don’t tarry)


Follow these dicta; you’ll be safe n’ sound

Till death comes stalking, with its damn hound



Nine out of ten

My days are damn fun

An’ about the tenth, if you care to ask,

Can’t a fella sometimes cut himself some slack?




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  1. “Hoard mirth in an inner urn”


    Great 2012 to u!

    Personal Concerns

    December 31, 2011 at 5:09 pm

  2. Thanks Personal Concerns 🙂

    Same to you too


    December 31, 2011 at 5:27 pm

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