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Nothing but Sense

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Nothing but Sense



Oh, this is how I walk

Just like this

This steady, this good, this handsome…..

Isn’t it cute?


Ain’t I the thing now!




Now tell me,

Can you find a ‘singular’ fault with it?

Look high and low

Look left and right, top and bottom

In and out

Isn’t it a sight to see?

My walk I mean?




( What!



That’s just a sthupid rumor

I don’t talk nonsense

Who said so?

Lemme tell ya,

They are totally, wholly, unilaterally sthupid




As an aside,

 What the hell is this thing called nonsense?

Never made its acquaintance before

It’s some sort of sense isn’t it?

(See how bright I am!)

And they say-

There are even things called the past and present senses! Man!

Now that I remember,

There is one called the future sense too!


I do them too

On the side lines of course

Who has the time to do all the senses

All the time!)




You know, talking of the world all the time

Makes us forget about our own selves

Now tell me,

What’s our binary duty (or is it primary?)

It’s to ourselves, isn’t it?

And, God I am philanthropically inclined too

(That one, whoa! That one, boy,

Is one incline that is tough!)




Everything is a little perambulatory today

Oh is it circulatory?

Oh whatever!

Just think!

How do we communicate with each other?

Have you any ideas?

Hmm, you see,

I need to talk my walk

What a fix!




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