On life and its vagaries


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Nothing sticks, not words, nor gestures

Mind even, love doesn’t, play wouldn’t.

Dies the day, nights fade off, a child so goes-

Never does being stay…..



 Doesn’t stick a thing, sea mayn’t, rain never

Pipes vacuum spew, Field pulsate,

Rock changes to soil, Men seed-turn,

And the sky never lasts!



Not something stick, mud evolves to cake,

Slough seize granite, frogs snatch birds, Dino

Mutate, ‘today’ is electrocuted,

And tomorrow never comes!



Nary has a thing stuck, not a granule

Nor the dribble on a lip after a peck

Not the infinitesimally minuscule

Nay, nor the imponderably large,

No, no, not anything sticks…….



What is? For, not a thing last,

Not even remains remain

It’s fickle to hold myself true,

I never am; can I ever be?

Can any be?

( One can’t be un-silly it seems!)


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