On life and its vagaries

On a dead and unburied poet

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(I don’t know if I approve of his philosophy, but strangely I feel a sort of kin-ness to his carefree and rebellious spirit, may be we all want to be like that, a bird of passage, living free and living dangerously!)

On a dead and unburied poet

How should a poet die?

He should die unrecognized, lying by the wayside,

Swarmed by fleas and ants,

With his mouth open, and with gray stubble still growing on his wan and ugly phiz

His eyes

Should look unseeing and vacant on the bare gray skies

They should be blood shot-

From a failing liver.

He should cough blood just before he became dead


He should have become a ghost to others long before that

Asking those he meet

“Don’t you owe me something?”

To make them flee for their lives.

Yes, a poet should die thus

Unknown to the passers-by

Slowly falling to the ground like a frayed cotton swab-

Off some wound that just went open.

He should then be transported to the morgue

In a garbage can

To be kept there, till the day of doom……


They should find this poem on his person:

“To the bearers of my coffin:

I now tell you a secret that’s not in my will,

You would find a flower at the place where my heart was-

A bequest from her who taught me the loves-

Perennial philosophy in my inquisitive days…….

Before you throw cold earth on me

Pluck that flower from the heart

Cover my face with the petals

A petal too on my palm that’s become bereft of all lines…..

I want to go back through the flower

I want to go back through the flower…….

I say this now because I was too busy at

My death, to reveal all this to you……..

And through the cold drops that you-

Poured into me, all that got swept away….

If not

Go without burying this coffin

Go without burying this coffin

Now all my friends are dead to me

Now all my friends are dead to me”

( The poet reads his poem in Malayalam)


Written by Sam

October 25, 2010 at 7:14 pm

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  1. ha. i love it…usually our words are found more interesting after we are dead anyway…smiles.


    October 25, 2010 at 7:32 pm

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