On life and its vagaries


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These lines are dedicated to my friends of yester years. It’s a bit sentimental like all reminiscences are! Well we can’t do anything about it can we?


My friends,

Can you still remember

Those long weary walks we took

In the fading lights of the still evening

While our village was murmuring

The many names of its gods

Can you yet remember

How the skies looked

How the returning birds flew silent

How in the gathering violet mist

The pale hills stood out

How cattle carts hurt the cobbled path

With their wheels shod in round shiny armor?

And how the cattle-man trrk-cluckked

Can you now remember

The touch of the clawing grass on our bare legs

Leaving their sticky little eggs behind

Can you recall the singes?

When we dipped them in the green waters of the

Rustic ponds, frogs jumping, water snakes

In lightening forays, buffalos braying ……….

Can you recapture the strange longing in our hearts

At those moments, with the evening

Fading into a short sudden dusk and then into

A violent tropical night, with homes coming to light

Like a faint yellow constellation on the hills

Before the stars take birth in the heavens

My friends can you still

Can you still remember


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