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There is a saying that “pride goes before balls” and so true it is,

For how else can the proud’ conduct themselves other than with real balls

The mistaken notion that pride would lead towards a fall,

Remember, is not strictly true of the great Niagara, or angel falls!

Pride is not the monopoly of the humans as can be seen in the

Ever deplored fall of that first born son of our pater aka Yahweh

Some say that it was that event which put the thought of sin into

Eve, and man, what fertile and pristine soil for the wondrous seed

Not ever before Newton had his pate walloped by a falling apple

Had man taken such a mythical and ingeniously designed fall

And come to think of it since the time of the much lamented Newton

Only Sergei Bubka seems to have done it, of course Nixon is excepted

When we have pride we rarely need a bride, for the pride itself

Would be keeping us warm all through the vicissitudes of life

Like our dear bride it could also cause us heart-burn and terror

In the most unforeseen ways and when we have other plans

It’s out of pride that I once footed the bill for the drinking

Bout of my friends and honest, it was not to see them behind bars

Though they accused me of making myself scarce when they

Got into a scrape, I in fact was having a bad time inside laboratory

(There are other names for it too but this one would suffice)

When one is engaged in such scientific work of intimate details

One would neither have the time and patience to engage in warfare

Though at other times the very pride makes me jump into the fray

And get mauled in the process, my pride normally consists in

Perfecting the stamina and competence to run great distances

Once I had to run a mini marathon to get to some place of no

Import other than the safety it provided for my shaking ass

Carefully considered, pride is a good thing to have if you have

Enough dough in the pockets and less stuff inside the skull


Written by Sam

February 3, 2010 at 6:46 pm

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