On life and its vagaries


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These are only intended to amuse, not to enlighten. I know their limitations, just bear with them!


The strangest form of spite is when we have no cause to be

Jealous  but still feel envious, why you may ask, well

Whether we care to admit or not we are mostly full of crap

And secretly wish if we were like others, I have met persons

Who secretly would like to be beggars and roam the street rather than

Sit at offices; I have met smart set ladies who are wanton at heart

And are terrified of it ever coming out, I have met stalwarts

Who buckle before their minions out of fright, I have met poor people

Who would kill and thieve to become rich, I have met authors

Who crave for recognition, even if it’s little that the other such

Scribes had, I have seen teachers who would like to be painters

And lyricists who would like to be fierce military officers

I regularly see such smart people, plying with a heightened

Sense of ego, but writhing within with an indefinable envy

For everything under the sun, a boy goes with a portion of

His un-tucked shirt over his jeans, the ‘suit’ can get pretty

Angry about that, the gay couple is kissing on the street

The hetero male and female is seen clamping their teeth in envy

The married is envious of the un- married, the unmarried

Of the married, the sports man about the puny “intellectual”

the intellectual Wants to be the philosopher, the bohemian, the wanderer,

all of them would want to tell the others about how to live, how

to beproper about it, how to do this and that, in fact most

Of us are a big “how to” enterprises.  We all would like to

Teach, myself included, even without students

if someone is not amused by it we would start spreading rumors; this is done by even

The best, no one excluded, if we say that all are spiteful, the envious

Would go “faugh, faugh” and turn jealous of us for saying that.

Well if no one is infested by unnecessary envy by reading this

Then that’s an off day in the land of the goddess of spite


Written by Sam

February 2, 2010 at 8:34 pm

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