On life and its vagaries

Its Bad Bad Bad

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As I watched

The sky came down and pressed me hard on to the ground

No, it couldn’t be the sky

It could be something else

It could even be my mind

I may be hallucinating

Yet it was still pressing down like a something blue and vast

This can’t happen

There has never been an instance of the sky coming down

Only people went up

May be I am up too

May be this is the heaven

And it could be for good deeds I have done unknowingly!

Man, this is terrible

I must have faltered somewhere then

Had taken an oath to do otherwise

I must have broken it

This is unimaginable

I could not be as luckless as that.

Or is it some sadness which has gone all blue inside me?

Faugh, when was I sad recently now?

Can’t even remember

And by the way, what is this ‘sad’ that we are talking of?

If it’s ‘bad’ it’s okay

It has been in the fashion for sometime

And I am current in these things.

Could it be a bluish pain I feel somewhere?

That’s a tricky one

It’s true that I had smacked this bird something bad

Got a massage immediately too

He couldn’t have hit me

It was no big deal at all

Just thwack, thwack on my part

And back, back on his part

It couldn’t be that

Is it love then, am I lost in a canopy of love?

But can love be suffocating as this is?

May be, who knows, I am no expert on that

I only,you know, make love, it’s a bore, but one has to sometimes

It being a part of life

But the other one!

I can only shudder, just not my style

What the hell is  pressing down on me then?

I ‘ll be damned if I know


Written by Sam

January 22, 2010 at 6:21 pm

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