On life and its vagaries

Fashioning it all from the mind

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The forest was not what I imagined it to be

It was sparse

And grey

It had grass lands instead of thick trees

So I had to imagine it all over again

I placed trees and bushes and darkness

That I discovered within me

Wherever I could in it

I had a whole forest by the time I finished

I know it’s not the real thing

But we live in such fantasies

And discredit our senses

The fact was that

It was hot and humid inside the forest

I felt the sweltering heat bare on my skin

I felt the antiseptic crispness of the air

I saw the clear blue skies

I am in a desert, thought I

I have to convert into a forest

I brought the cool from my mind

I dug up the shades from within

I designed the canopy from my imagination

And it became a real forest once again

There were no lizards

So I had to invent them

There were no lions, tigers, and bears

Luckily I had brought models to make them from

All in the mind of course

I can’t yet bring it out

I am yet to perfect the art of materializing them

The stream had only boulders running down it

So I bathed in them

By then I was tired and cared no more

I just couldn’t rise up the gallons of water

That has to go in to make a river

It was not worth the trouble

We could as well as bath with boulders

After all it can all be done on the inside

It’s bliss that we have a mind

And it has routes that are curious!


Written by Sam

January 19, 2010 at 6:35 pm

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