On life and its vagaries

A Mere Dream!

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As I sped through the starry heavens with the speed of mind

Dimensions yet unknown unraveled themselves to me

I saw worlds filled with strange forms of life, some in the throes

Of breaking forth from the primordial novae and cooling down

Some well formed, teeming with life, others well grown

Still others showing signs of decay.  There were cities

And civilizations of great splendor, in which people journeyed through-

Vast domains, in glistening boats that defied the speed of light

There were mirror worlds, whole galaxies of them, where life went

In reverse to everything that we know, it seemed unending

This giant show that blazed through my conscious mind

Why this strange travel, why these sights, I queried my mind

But the mind was busy, fashioning worlds for my view.

Am I in a dream or in some state of altered consciousness-

To have such things shown to me? Is there some purpose behind-

All these varied spectacles, or are they conjured up from within?

And just then I awoke and saw the daylight flooding through

The panes, it was bright noon outside, I must have dozed off!


Written by Sam

January 15, 2010 at 4:02 pm

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