On life and its vagaries


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Alright, what do I write now?

Do I know it myself?

I doubt it

Yet there are these words

And these images

Dim, unshod, yet very much alive, wanting to live

They seek to emerge out of the oblivion

Yet where do they reside?

I can’t say that I know

They are there lurking, seeking my pen

I am but an usher

I do but announce them

Yes, I know

There is no way that I can shirk responsibility

And I am not going to

But believe me when I say it

That they have their way every time

And that I am loath to suppress them

Having quit that long ago

Oh there are too many variables

And it’s the multiplicity

It prevents you from doing the same thing all the time


Written by Sam

January 13, 2010 at 8:57 pm

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