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Revisiting the Places of My Youth

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Somehow I love the taunt of words. They intrigue me, their combinations and the gaps between them that create newer meanings hook me on. I think it’s that which makes me write. Not that I can bring such effects on, but it’s great fun, writing!

Is there a purpose to this exercise? Other than writing it down, none at all……..I hope you won’t look for sublimity and meaning  or whatever in them. They are supposed to contain nothing of the sort! Already I am accused of all the other sins in the universe!

Revisiting the Places of My Youth

It was but yesterday that I ran over these fields

In youthful ecstasy, with hopes at heart!

I seem to have gone the other way now

Disillusioned with everything that I see around!

How did the change come over? I can hardly say

Life must have cast on me some deadly spell

To unmake all that was nice and good within

And to place a doleful song in their stead!

I must still try to make this broken mirror display

A full picture, however fragmented it may seem!

Yet it is just that, an effort to recapture something lost

That would never come back, the harder I try!


Written by Sam

January 5, 2010 at 3:31 pm

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