On life and its vagaries

The Boon

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You see

There was this king,

Having received a boon of immortality

He grants it to his woman

She in turn gives it away to her lover boy

He to his girl

And she, sad soul, thinking the King needs it more

Presents it to him……!

Strange are the ways of human heart,

The boon took a full circle-

Back into the hands of its real owner!

The King of course had to reward the girl

And then lapsed into sad thought

Finally calling his mistress to him

He queried as if in jest:

“So have you become immortal now?”

The wanton lady gleefully said:

“With your blessings, my sire, I am now!”

The king was in fine a mood to joke

And took it a bit further: “Oh yes I know,

All the same, let’s make sure of it, shall we?”

And with those words cut off her head.

And she, the born idiot, went very dead

Probably still dreaming of her lover boy!

The poor King is said to have used the boon

To become immortal

And some say,

Is still wandering all over the earth

In search of a faithful heart!

Is there a moral to this story?

Perhaps there is, perhaps not

All I know is, we can’t take

Anything for granted, in this life!


Written by Sam

January 4, 2010 at 4:12 pm

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