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The Thief of Love

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Well there is this thief who walks our grounds

At the stroke of midnight, with a torch in hand

I chanced on him on one fine night

And somewhat perturbed, called him to me

“Just a second friend, this is our land

But you seem to think that it’s owned by you!”

He hesitated, then came over, but seemed

To be in a fine mood to start talking shop

So he says: “I was not after your gold or wares, But

Had to find some way to get to my girl today”

I stood there astounded, so this is a thief of love

And not one who relieves us of our petty things!

“Who is the lucky one? “ I asked amused “Secret is it?”

“Sort of” He said   “No prizes for guessing though “

His eyes strayed to a big house near.

And honest to god I could hardly smother –

My laughter, once I knew of whom he was talking of

“Well I never” I said “Can this even be possible?

The lady is so pure to banish the devil off Hades

I am dumbfounded, you are not lying are you now?”

“Why should I?” He asked “Is this the time to lie?

It is one of those things   you know,

We can’t help what we are

But then aren’t we human above all?”

I could only murmur “There is that”

And he went his way

I went mine, so ends the sad little story!


Written by Sam

January 3, 2010 at 5:52 pm

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