On life and its vagaries

What do we really yearn for in our lives?

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To tell you the honest truth the following lines are bull, so don’t take it all very seriously.  This might have happened to me sometime in my life, but not recently, not in the last week anyway. Yet may be there is a point to it, don’t mistake me,  I am not saying that there definitely is one here, but there is an outside  chance of finding it  somewhere in it. This could be my wishful thinking too. Yet here are the lines for you to judge.

What do we really yearn for in our lives?

Mind as you know

Plays all kinds of trick on us

The other day I was walking by

And a sweet lass smiles me bye

Man, the way it went directly in

It was sheer fireworks for sometime then!

I got all heated up inside my brain

And as was my wont started thinking-

Of the sweetest of things that one could have!

Yet all the while I knew it was futile

To yearn for those that passes us by………

For, can we   posses things that we see around,

Not ever, not till the doomsday come

It’s the one lesson that we learn very fast in life

But one that we keep forgetting all the time!

I really can’t tell about you, you know,

But I have tried to make many things my own,

Both good and bad but they rarely stick.

The harder you try to make something yours

The tougher it plays at “hard to get”

Even the ‘bad’ needs perseverance

And loses all its glitter when it becomes ‘work’

So what bemuses me is this point

What do we really yearn for in our lives?

Is it beauty, truth, love, power or god?

Or are they the same but diversely called?


Written by Sam

December 21, 2009 at 7:11 pm

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