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There is this guy I know; in fact I worked with him. Beneath the veneer of sophistication the guy was an utter rogue. Getting on with years has not had any discernible effect on him. He is somewhat like Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello. Anything good in others rattled him. He could not sleep or eat till he has done something to undermine it in some way. Perhaps everyone is like that somewhat. We have strict scales to measure others but we rarely use it on ourselves.

This guy, a father, drove his single daughter to the career of a nun. Did I say career? The words just came to my mind out of nowhere. I shall let them stand I think. Anyway, the thing is, this veritable monster told her that he would not be able to cough up the money to marry her off. He was willing to offer a donation to the church to make her into a nun, the amount being considerably smaller.

The guy had enough savings to see her well settled in life. The racket of making money by lending it out in small sums at unbelievable rates of interest had ruined him. He was drunk with money.

All these came out after he retired. What we knew was the guy was dangerous and was best left alone. Even then he managed to make others miserable. It was an art with him, creating trouble for others out of nowhere. He also had some students in this form of art. They are still prospering.

I had always doubted my judgment regarding him, though I had definite reasons to believe otherwise. When these things came out I was sort of relieved, for my dislike for the guy was extreme and it was mostly based on my personal reactions.

Perhaps there is some truth in gut feelings.


Written by Sam

December 15, 2009 at 5:56 pm

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