On life and its vagaries

Being involved and not

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Nothing matters if we don’t take them to heart

(But without so taking part where would we ever be)

It was but yesterday that I was young and hopeful

Full of everything fine, now it’s all gone

Instead there is this deep disillusion

That would not allow me to take to anything-

Seriously and looks critically on things

That I once used to like and hold to my heart

Life teaches us many things, but this lesson is worst

This nips our wonder in its formative phase

And fills it with a sad philosophy that’s gross

Illusions of yester years seems very welcome

Than this cold glare that shrivels our feelings up

I would have preferred those feverish moments

To this calm security that grants me freedom-

To look into things in their real nature and decide

Which of them to chose to embellish my this little role

Till my tenure at this forgotten globe is over and done

But hope as I might, what is past is past and cannot

Be brought back even with the fondest of wishes…


Written by Sam

December 13, 2009 at 4:29 pm

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