On life and its vagaries

How things should be

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So should it be,

If there is to be a revolution

You should be  entrusted   with  it

Trusted to organize and run it

For you are the chosen ones

Darlings of the gods

The ever intelligent and the ever resourceful

You hold  all the hopes of the universe  in hand

All the great humanism in store

All the exalted spirits  in safe keeping

We would have been in darkness

With little idea to go about our business

If you did not show the way

And if you were not there

Chastising us, correcting us

Putting us in our place

Where would the world be

Without you in it

Without your kind help

Without your great thoughts

Without your sweat and toil

Would the universe  move

A single step forward

Without  your helping hands

Won’t the galaxies stop

Super nova congeal

Interstellar spaces comes to naught

If you did not take a hand in it.

You should feel proud of yourself

For you mend matters

You graft the broken branches back

You make  everything alright

By a bit of meditation

By a kind of circumvention

By your  delightful tricks

I will watch, that is , if you grant me the eyes

And learn, if I am indeed capable

And think, if it is really possible


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