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Fake ‘Bump’s

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Oh man, how life tickles you sometimes. We would never imagine the kind of stuff people comes up with now and then. It is out of the world and totally ethereal……

For example we open our ‘daily papyrus’ and this hilarious incident jumps to our eye-

– Guy wants to over-take bus in front, honks and honks till he is all a’ tremor but the driver (It was a Govt. bus) would have none of that. As you know, all the roads in the universe are owned by the Govt. and the whole land is also owned by it.

We may not know what the Govt. is. Its subtle, intangible and invisible, no one has really met it in flesh and blood and no one knows what it looks like. Anyway who cares what the Govt. is.  It ‘IS’ is all that is to be understood.

True, sometimes it may appear that it does not exist at all and that it is a mere fiction. That mostly happens when there is a calamity around, say you have a Katrina, or a Tsunami or a 9/11 or 26/11, let it be minor or major the Govt. would certainly be conspicuous by its absence. But boy, does it exist!

Well whatever its other ‘modes’ or ‘attributes’ are (a’ la Spinoza) it definitely owns all the roads in our galaxy, and in certain cases it manages to own buses plying on those roads too. Now buses can’t ply without a species called drivers installed in them. Among them the Govt. ones are Kings.

Hence it comes as no surprise that the bus driver did not care a rat’s ass about the honking and blaring behind him.  Probably he in his great malice swung and skid the bus to prevent the other guy from   edging forward at any cost. Lord the audacity of non government idiots playing on govt roads, they want to overtake the Govt. bus too. Ever heard such!

The play went on for a long time with both parties not budging, one goes honking and the other goes blocking.    At last the incensed car driver begins to shout at the top of his voice.

“There is a bomb inside the bus; there is a bomb inside the bus”

Now, in our lovely age if anything enters our pates at all that is the word “bomb”.  In Hindi it is pronounced as ‘bump’ and honestly one would get the goose bumps in the spine every time one hears about it nowadays.  I don’t know about you guys but yours truly shivers when someone says bomb in his hearing.  It’s not because I am scared about leaving the world, but I would prefer to leave it in one piece rather than in the particulate form while I am at it.

This is probably applicable even to the great species called the Govt. drivers. Well when it comes to the “bump’ even the best amongst us takes to our heels.

So the bus came to a sudden halt and people were seen scurrying off in all directions like mice and as could have been imagined the driver was at the head of the bunch making fine time.

The car passed and the roaring laughter of the car driver made people suspicious. Some of the other drivers on the road chased him and cut him off. The poor guy admitted that he was joking and said so to make the bus stop and let him pass.

Well our people being what they are, they smashed the guy up good and proper.  They next handed him over to the law and as you know, he could probably be facing all the charges from the time the first bomb was produced in the world.  Well such are fates of those who go against Govt. drivers.

Anyway I am bewildered by the action of the guy. What makes people say such things? Does the Govt. make them react like that?


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