On life and its vagaries


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You gave me this burden of words

This Mayakovskian writhing

This ever present urge to say something

Yet what is there to say

All have been said long ago!


You are a trickster

You play with feelings


And you play a mean game of chess-

By keeping your intentions ever concealed

And you cheat

You make moves that were never there!


Just what do you want with me?

I am not into you even!

I don’t pray, I don’t whine

I don’t beg for mercy

So why foist this strange and heavy load on me?

I am the lazy bones

The carefree soul

Why shower me with words


They say you are inscrutable

But man!

You have a bad recruit here!


Written by Sam

November 30, 2009 at 7:31 pm

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