On life and its vagaries

Sum of Life

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Poet  Vladimir Mayakovsky once said  :

“Ideas writhe formlessly in the mind

before taking  final shape”

Does it ring a bell somewhere? All have heard about it, but none remembers whose they  are!

It sometimes surprises me how unread people really are.  His words are said to be coursing around the world without being understood  as his. Well…well…..

This poem is about him.  He is said to have committed suicide. There is another version that Stalin had him killed.  Never proved though.  I believe the later version, people like him would make others feel very small.  You know, when  that happens the smallified ( in their poor minds) people would  start to wish them away or get them dead.  They don’t know that  the moment they start planning the death of  others, they have completely become insignificant and have failed morally before their supposed adversaries.

This poem is about them too.  Threatening others because we are small would not make us big. We all have to leave folks,  even us!  None can gainsay this!

We poor people!

Sum of Life

This is the sum of life

Search, pine, divine, muse

And find nothing

We all go through it

And none are any wiser for it

Defensively we say:

To hell with it all, let’s live……

By then it’s time to leave


Written by Sam

November 24, 2009 at 6:39 pm

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