On life and its vagaries

Nostrum culpa ( Or whatever)

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Recently I looked at this post.  It was hopeless.  I must have been  in a lovely mood when I wrote this! Not that I am in anyway angry with the mood.  It was hectic while it lasted and I don’t believe in half measures! But the product of the mood was so lack luster that I had to severely edit it to get  it into some kind of a form . Not that I am good at such stuff, I mean editing my own stuff. Whenever I do it I mostly edit the good stuff out and let the bad stuff remain. But in this instance I did not do much damage because the entire stuff was thoroughly mawkish. Its quite good in that sense too.  I can’t make much out of it, may be others can! So here it is in the new form.

And, after crawling all over the world-

Looking for a way out of the universe,

Me and the other guy (or this guy and the God)

Fell to a’ musing hard

‘Bro’ Me thought out loud:

“Where is the damn highway-

Out of this damn realm?”

“Have we even a soul, bro? We can’t even find that!” The guy

“May be if we had some sketches…….”  Me

“That could be put to muse……!” The guy

“It is some trick man, only the ‘good’ use it now” Me

“We are evil remember! We only use honest words.” The guy

“Lord, what’s happening to us?” Me

“It’s all semantics” The guy

“It’s definitely grammar” Me

“Its psychology” The guy

“Its hate, and that is final” Me

“Let’s find a multiverse where verses do not spew hate” The guy

We went on crawling some more

It was hopeless; there were no spooky universes-

That you can google

There were no stories you can rave about

“There is the gmail” the guy

“Remember, they begged us not to use that” Me

“What are they frightened of?” The guy

“Of themselves may be” Me

“Of their own pettiness?” The guy

“Of finding themselves out” Me

We mused some more

“Did you hear wolves howling? “ Me asked

“They are not wolves, they are the white doves of peace” The guy

“You kidding” Me

” Never this serious in life” The guy

Could be their   mating season” Me

“They have to reproduce you know,” the guy

“Man, the things that we were unaware of” Me

“We were the black ants in heaven”

“Mea culpa”

“On the double “


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