On life and its vagaries

Divinely ordained

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We astonish ourselves-

With this great belief in our own infinitesimal selves

And oh yes, we believe in teleology

For how can the world be not ours alone?

It’s divinely ordained to be so!


And we can only share it with a few of our own kind

The rest of course we oust

“Be gone evil ones and leave us alone

We have to spread the seeds of goodness around-

Don’t trouble us,

We are involved in something great”


We weigh heavy with all that is good,

So that sometimes we can’t lift our heads

Hell, it’s an occupational hazard

What can we do?

It’s divinely ordained to be so!


Some would complain that we call them names,

Accuse them of unimaginable things,

Of even being aliens

Well what of that,

They are base and we are wise

We pray and they blaspheme

How dare they complain?

If the wise can’t call names

Who in the universe can?

You see, it’s divinely ordained to be so


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