On life and its vagaries

Souls outside the universe

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“I don’t know why” the man told me with a wink

“I seem to instill fear in others……”

“You are bloody egotistical” I consoled him

“As if   they don’t have other business”

He was starting to look sheepish by then.

“You are right. I should see love where I see hatred now.”

“See nothing even if there is something” I said

He suddenly began to laugh, I tried to maintain composure.

“Point me to a place outside the universe” He shouted between bursts of laughter.

I still tried to maintain my composure. It was hard work.

“Soul” I brought out at last, oh brother was it tough!

He went Ho ho ho hoh oho hoh and I tried hard to think of homeostasis, equilibrium and Om Shaanti. I failed and started to howl with him.

With tears streaming from his eyes, he said

Let us stop this nonsense. They would think we are wolves of hell.

We are, I said.

Both of us could not contain it anymore

We rolled on the ground and lost it completely.

He suddenly sat up after some time and asked:

“Did we kill that bird?”

This time we were at it for a long time.

After that we crawled all over the world looking for a place outside it.


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